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Pan-Somali Activism & Policy Advocacy

Barkinka is a campaigning platform dedicated to act as the magnifying forefront for the oppressed voiceless victims of modern colonialism – its neo-liberal institutional enablers and its old ideologue colonial exploiters that continue to sustain this oppression – and to oppose the recent manifestation of Chinese neo-colonialism. Indeed, one of the primary purposes for Barkinka’s creation is to counter the global and regional powers’ desires to exploit the resources of the Somalis and our aim is to mobilise and amplify the resistance to ongoing colonial activities in the region, in all its various forms, from military and ‘development assistance’ sectors to their corporate or non-profit guised proxies.

Barkinka will not shy away from scrutinising all parties involved, directly or indirectly, in the harming of Somali populations, and will highlight all instruments and sources of abuse, be it from the international capital markets or the extractive industries; or from direct Somali state crimes and its collusion with neighbouring countries of Ethiopia and Kenya, including complicit Western governments and multilateral agencies.

Barkinka has no funding and solely exists through the efforts of one person only who covers all its fees and expenses. Barkinka is also not connected to any organisations or institutions, whether private, governmental or otherwise, however we welcome any cooperation and partnership requests, provided these are in accordance with our stated mission.

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